Why Content Marketing Generates 3 Times More Leads Than Traditional Marketing

Why Content Marketing Generates 3 Times More Leads Than Traditional Marketing

For decades, marketing strategies have been aimed at achieving short term goals. This trend has seen many businesses pump millions into traditional marketing strategies.

Traditional marketing strategies such as the use of billboards may prove to market your business in a big way.

Nonetheless, this will only last for a few weeks or months before a competitor erects one too. This way, you may be forced to buy a new billboard design, not mentioning a viable space to market your business. Meanwhile, you will be accruing massive losses by regularly pumping more money into the segment.

Of all the strategies above, content marketing has proved to be the most effective strategy for bringing in more sales leads to businesses.

Do you know why content marketing generates three times more leads than standard marketing? Discover the top 3 reasons.

1. Content Marketing Has the Power to Influence Other Marketing Strategies

While posting content online is in itself a way of marketing your business, it serves an even greater role in complementing almost all other digital marketing strategies. Content is king, as it is key to making other marketing strategies effective.

Take social media marketing, for example, while you can successfully market your business, product or brand only by use of an image, it’s impossible to gain an even greater following without adding content. The same applies to SEO marketing.

2. Content Marketing Constantly Evolves, Thus Doesn’t Lose Relevance

In the past decades, there has been a boom in new technologies and trendy content marketing strategies that have taken the marketing arena by a storm. Videos, for example, are starting to overtake written content in popularity, long tail topics and semantic.

However, you should always remain confident that written content will never be unnecessary. The only difference will be how content will be produced and how customers will get access to it.

There is nothing wrong with embracing traditional marketing strategies. But let’s face it, a single piece of mail may prove worthy by converting only a minute number of the recipients into sales.

Once the funnel is sent out, a majority of the batch is significantly scrubbed off with an aim of prioritizing a model that is likely to trend in the following year. This automatically the funnel irrelevant to the new market needs and trends.

As already pointed out, content marketing is a long term marketing strategy. However, the sooner you decide to invest in content marketing, the sooner you will see impeccable benefits.

Alternatively, the longer you take to adapt to marketing strategy, the longer you will wait to rip off any benefits.

So, if you currently haven’t adopted content marketing, it’s high time you did. Whether you aim you make it a pivotal marketing strategy or supplement to others, you will never regret that you invested in it. Remember, content might always advance, but once you create one, it will never be irrelevant.

3. Content Marketing Is Designed to Optimize Profit-Generation

Are you familiar with the nitty-gritty of the compound interest model? If you are not familiar with it, here is how it works.

Basically, while you make a long term investment, it continuously earns interest. This way, your principal investment slowly grows and consequently earn more interest with each round of compounded interest.

Content marketing works in the same principle because it’s a permanent investment once published on the web.

If you decide to publish 100 marketing pieces in a year, you will eventually have 100 pieces of content in the first year. This way, you will be able to produce 100 pieces in the same year and get effective results worth of the 100 pieces you published.

In the second year, you will once again publish 100 pieces and in the same manner, get 200 produced pieces worth of results. In the third publishing year, you will experience 300 pieces worth of results and the trend goes on and on.

This is not to say that you are going to only get returns for the last 100 published content – you will be able to get returns worth of all the previous pieces published, all compounded. In addition, the more customers get to read your marketing content, the more you sell your business. Ultimately, this translates to increased profits.

Increasing traffic and conversion rates is crucial for any business that wants to make its website profitable.

3 Key Benefits of Content Marketing

Now that you have learned why content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing, why should you try it?

1. Bringing New Customers to Your Business

The aim of any business is to make profits. There are numerous techniques you can employ to ensure that your business realizes profits in the long run thus remaining afloat. Marketing is one of these strategies.

While marketing is way broader, content marketing has proven quite effective. An effective content marketing campaign will drive more traffic to your website, thus increasing converting rates.

The more customers get to know about your business, the more sales you are likely to make. Check out our blog to find out how Google My Business can help you attract potential customers online.

2. Building Your Business Reputation

Building a positive business image is another strategy that comes handy in ensuring that your business performs well. It may sound simple but the dynamics involved can be quite hectic.

So, how can you build a business with a positive reputation?

One of the best ways to build a positive reputation is to keep your consumers apprised on any matters concerning your business. By providing your customers with useful information, you will slowly build a reputation as a caring business. This way, customers will regularly check in to see what’s new.

But how can you achieve this? Well, using Google, customers generally utilize search engines to get solutions to their problems.

How is the best way to win a new customer online? You should always provide them with as much information as possible. In fact, could have already developed an SEO plan for your online marketing.

You may also be well equipped with the knowledge that different search engines e.g. Google, constantly ensure that they update their algorithms in a bid to improve search results in a regular manner.

With this knowledge, you are in a better position to craft content that is not awkward to be flagged off by Google. Always strive to inform the reader by utilizing long-tail keywords in your marketing content.

This way, you will be able to create content that is not only SEO-friendly but also a positive reputation online.

3. Helping Customers Trust Your Brand

It goes without saying that today’s prospective customer is always on the lookout for useful information. The availability of the Internet has enabled many customers to comfortably search for information about a product or service online before deciding to purchase the product or subscribe to a service.

You will find a customer comparing prices and features of one model of vehicle with another without setting foot on a dealership.

Apps, on the other hand, have boosted the feasibility of many businesses by offering relevant and accurate information about a business. This way, customers are not only able to learn different aspects of a business, but also interact with business respondents on a timely basis.

Most people are searching for positive and accurate information that will help them make an informed decision about a product or service. However, they don’t like the idea of a product being sold to them. How will they know that the product you are selling really works as per their needs?

With this in mind, you should use content marketing to let your customers know what you’re offering. You will gain their trust once they find out that you are selling the exact product or service described in your content. Traditional marketing such as billboard advertising will never do this for you.

Content Marketing Matters to Your Business

If you are looking to make the most out of your marketing efforts, content marketing is the way to go. Actionable content can go a long way in helping you build a strong brand.

The content you craft should spell out your niche, expertise, and cover topics that help a customer shop with ease. This way, you will be able to not only pull a significant amount of customers to your website, but also to your social media platforms.

It is important to establish a content marketing strategy that best suits your business before delving into the process.

Want to learn more about why content marketing reigns over standard marketing? How do you go about developing a foolproof content marketing plan for your business? Contact us today! We’re ready to help.

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