Innovative Ways To Attract Customers To Your Online Store

Innovative Ways To Attract Customers To Your Online Store

According to a recent eCommerce survey, there are 12 to 24 million e-commerce sites with more and more created each day. 

These numbers don’t only quantify the presence of e-commerce in the world wide web, but it also shows how big the market is on the internet, especially for businesses selling goods online. 

Facebook is known to be the most popular social media turned eCommerce platform for both small and big businesses. 

This is probably due to the fact that Facebook ads have features where you can set your parameters in order to reach your target audience. Other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter also became eCommerce spaces where businesses sprawled and thrived. 

With the various advertising platforms on the internet, there are a wide array of tricks and techniques to ensure you’re attracting the right customers online. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the 3 best innovative ways to target and attract customers to your online store. 

But first, here are some interesting facts about the eCommerce industry. 

Shopping Online and Ecommerce: 3 Valuable Facts 

1. Millenials are selling more online 

It was found that millennial business owners are leaning more on advertising through various online mediums than the older generations.  

This isn’t a surprise since they are also the same group of people who take a big share of the buying population. 

2. Younger people shop more online 

Statista (2020) revealed that younger people shop online more than the older generation. 

In fact, 38% percent of online shoppers in the United States are below the age of 35 and just 14.4% are under the age group 65 years or older. 

3. But still, there’s a growing population of online shoppers 

The biggest percentage is taken by millennials of 25 to 34-year olds. Despite the glaring variance in figures, it is, however, safe to say that people of different ages are utilizing online commerce. 

For these reasons, social media should carefully be considered in your digital marketing strategy especially now. 

It is almost as if the competition in the marketplace is on an all-time survival of the fittest and with that, businesses have to continuously come up with ways to improve their marketing strategies. 

3 Innovative Ways To Attract Customers to Your Online Store 

Here are a few ideas you might just want to include in yours:

1. Revisit your marketing strategy. 

A well-tailored marketing strategy should constitute your overall game plan for the business. 

This must include a variety of techniques in reaching your prospective customers and turning them into sales. 

Your marketing strategy should contain your value proposition, unique branding and messaging, an array of demographics about your target market, and other intrinsic details. 

Revisiting your strategy goes a long way as discussions about it can lead to further developments and improvements for your business. 

Do a little market research and find out what you need to improve on. Sit down and seek assistance from a few creative people who can contribute to the discussion. 

You might want to consider: 

  • Determining if the products you are selling are significant for the consumers, or at least something they really want
  • Assessing whether or not your selling prices are high, low, or competitive 
  • Finding out if your ads or marketing campaigns are thought-out even in the minute detail releasing it at a time when most people are online. 

There are many factors to consider and each of them is important. It sure does take a lot of effort to find customers, gaining popularity for your products, and warmly responding to each inquiry or transaction. 

But with determination and goal setting, you can definitely spare your business from one misstep, a misstep that can make your clients hop from your store to another.

2. Use an influencer

An influencer is someone who can directly affect other people’s purchasing decisions because of his or her knowledge, position, authority, societal standing, or relationship with the market. 

This is the current trend in marketing nowadays. Participation of businesses in trends is important because trends are where the market is. 

Among the social media sites, Tiktok is currently one of the most popular video-sharing social networking platforms where users create and share multiple musical contents for their amusement and viewing of others. 

This makes it a perfect spot for businesses and their influencers to promote products and goods. 

Tiktok is easy and uncomplicated to use, hence the appreciation of people from various age groups.

3. Personalize your packaging

How times have changed shopping. We made it from bricks to clicks. Before, we just walked and enjoyed window shopping from brick roads and huge glass windows displaying products for our eyes to feast on.

Now, however, we shop by clicking screens and through our phones. With the lack of human interaction in securing sales since people do not need to come to your store personally, many online businesses attract their customers through personalized packaging.

That’s why it’s important that you make an effort to partner with a reputable and trustworthy courier that offers low-cost shipping for your online store

You can also do personalized labels for shipping, handcrafted boxes, or even just a thank you note are your best friends. 

This is brought about by the YouTube and Tiktok trend called unboxing where people unwrap presents, shopping bags, or anything they bought or that was given to them in front of a camera to express their feelings, comments, and appreciation. 

Usually, this is followed by a short review of the item included in the packaging. You may also add a little freebie that will not cause a huge expense on your part. 

It can be a pen, a keychain, or an eco-friendly bookmark. It is always the thought of the seller that counts anyway.

Sell Your Products Online With These Efficient Tips! 

It is worth investing your time and money in efforts that are sure to reap benefits. You have to carefully consider and identify what your customers need, and ensure that your products are discovered and designed to satisfy their needs. 

The financial success of your business largely depends on your marketing ability. Remember that it is only through a sufficient demand for a certain product that can make any business function and keep their overheads, more so, their profit covered.

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