Top 12 Ways to Rank Your YouTube Videos Higher in 2 Weeks

Top 12 Ways to Rank Your YouTube Videos Higher in 2 Weeks

Planning to use YouTube to market your business?

Who wouldn’t? YouTube is the second biggest social media platform today. But unlike Facebook, YouTube’s way of sharing content focuses on videos above everything else.

This makes it a great choice if you’re looking to expand your online presence even further. However, YouTube already has a ton of different users uploading videos on different topics every day. So, how can you make sure your video won’t get buried under all that content?

Learning how to rank YouTube videos is the way to do it.

Having a high rank on your videos has a cascading effect. Your video will be more likely to appear on people’s suggestion list, it will get more views, and people will be more likely to share it across different social media.

Read what we have below so your YouTube uploads can start getting a better ranking.

1. Target a Specific Audience

Aiming to please a large audience is good. However, that will mean you’ll have to contend with many other people for the top ranking. Opting for smaller, more specific audience reduces competition by a large amount.

If you’re new to YouTube, this allows you to get an audience faster. Your competition will likely have more experience than you in attracting viewers. So, it’s better to find a specific topic to focus on instead.

This gives your videos a higher probability of getting noticed. Much of the competition focusing on more generalized topics. You can use this opportunity to make you and your videos more successful. Though it may be a smaller audience, gaining views is a good start to get a higher YouTube ranking.

Focusing on a smaller, more manageable group gives you the opportunity to enhance engagement as well. This makes you look like an interactive and helpful YouTube personality. This is a great way to start off your online career as it helps you establish an online identity.

2. Use the Right Keywords in Your Title

Keywords are as important when you’re ranking on YouTube as when you’re ranking on Google. Having the right keywords makes it easier for your audience to find your videos.

Researching keywords should be your first step when titling your video. Think of potential words or phrases your audience may type when searching for your video’s topic. You should then try to incorporate those keywords into your title.

Try placing them at the beginning of your title to increase its effectiveness. Doing this increases the possibility of your video popping up on the search page. It also increases the probability of it appearing higher on the list.

For example, if your topic is about boosting your YouTube SEO, then that should be your keyword. From that, your potential titles are “YouTube SEO tips” or “YouTube SEO tutorials.”

One trick you can do is use YouTube’s auto-suggest feature. To do this, type in the words relating to the video you’re making on the search bar. YouTube’s auto-suggest feature will present you with words that are already trending. These words are sure to give your video more SEO.

3. Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online tool you can use to give yourself an edge in rankings. You can use this to search for keywords that are trending at the moment. It can also show you what video topics are becoming popular.

Both those tools are great, but the best thing Google Analytics can do for you is tracking your visitors. Google Analytics has a way of tracking your visitor’s activities on your webpage. This presents you with a way to understand valuable ranking factors for your web page.

You get to see different statistics about your page like how many people visit your pages, the number of activities they do on a page, and the number of new visitors you get. There is also a Bounce Rate statistic. This tells you how fast people leave your page when they visit.

You can use this information to fine-tune your web pages and videos to make them more favorable to your visitors. Do this to make sure people stay on your page long enough to watch your videos to completion.

4. Make Use of Video Tags

A new feature on YouTube is the ability to place tags on your videos. These work like the hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. Using these tags can increase your YouTube search ranking.

You begin by adding a tag on your videos before you upload them. Do some more keyword research on topics related to your video. You can also include other topics that aren’t as related but is still within your target audience’s interests.

For example, let’s say your video is about CyberPunk 2077, a new and upcoming video game. To reach out to a bigger audience, you can add “E3” among your tags, this is where the game was first premiered. This increases the reach of your video and may get you more viewers.

That said, be sure that all your tags stay relevant to your video and its content. You can also check the tags that other videos are using. Check the ones popular videos use. They’re popular for a reason, after all.

5. Use the Description to its Full Capacity

Many high-ranking videos have a near-empty description box. This makes most people think that writing a description is not important. Many people fail to realize they can use the description in many ways.

Here, you can write what you want. Whether it’s a summary of the video, your thought process while making it, or a call to action to different web pages.

The description shows up alongside your video’s thumbnail in the search results page. This presents you with a small opportunity to entice viewers to click on your video. More clicks mean more views. More views mean a better ranking.

You can, again, add some keywords in the description to make it stand out more. YouTube makes searched keywords appear in bold lettering. A good keyword can be what gives you a new viewer.

You can also use the description area to link to other pages like your social media pages or your website. This is a great way for you to drive more traffic to those pages.

6. Make Your Videos Playlist-Worthy

Getting added on a playlist is an underrated way to increase rankings on YouTube. Having your video included on a playlist increases its online visibility.

This is because it will get included along with the videos in the playlist when searched. The more videos are in the playlist, the greater the chance of your video appearing as well.

However, there is no way for you to have a direct influence over whether people will add your video to a playlist. The best you could do is create a video that you think will be worthy of a playlist.

This is a great way for videos that have a huge search range. Tutorial videos or How-To videos are likely to be the ones to be in a playlist. They appeal to a large audience and they can cover a lot of different topics.

You can also make your own playlist of your videos. Be sure they have one theme in common and at least one keyword to make them ideal for SEO.

7. Make Your Videos Longer

Before, YouTube used how many views a video got as their basis for rank. However, that had a lot of loopholes to exploit. It then changed its algorithm to account for the length of engagement instead.

This means that the longer you keep a user on YouTube, the higher the rank YouTube will place you in.

Making longer videos is the best way to keep your audience’s attention. Many people enjoy lengthy videos on something they’re passionate about.

You can use different methods to make your videos longer depending on your audience. An in-depth tutorial on how to build furniture, an hour long let’s play of a game, an interview with different people or even a full-length sporting event can work to keep your audience engaged.

Podcasts can also be an option here. Even if your audience tabs out, it still counts as audience retention as long as YouTube keeps playing in the background.

8. Create Quality Content

There is a reason why teens love YouTube stars more than celebrities. It’s because of the content they make. This should show you how big an impact having high-quality content can have.

To keep increasing your rank, you have to keep your audience coming back for more. Creating quality content is the only way for you to make sure they always watch your videos. This also applies to the first video you make.

Assuming you’re a new YouTube channel, the first video you will make will be the basis of people’s opinions of you. It’s important to make a good first impression if you want to have plenty of viewers.

You should also keep grinding out content as fast as you can. YouTube’s algorithm gives priority to channels that upload at least one video per day. Even if you can’t keep up with that, having frequent uploads can still help you rank higher on YouTube.

9. Promote Your Video

There are many ways to promote your video. Outstream ads can extend its reach beyond YouTube, but they may cost you quite a fee. If you can’t afford that, try sharing your video yourself, instead.

Sharing your video across different websites is a great way to rake in views. Posting it on websites like Quora or any other Q&A website is a great way to start.

All you need to do is find a group discussing a topic related to your video. You only need to find a conversation where you can slide the YouTube link in and make it look natural doing it.

Notice how we said link instead of video. This is because sites like these tend to remove messages containing videos before anyone has the chance to see it.

You can also send your video via e-mail to people on your contact list. Even if the list of recipients is short, the main point is to spread the word about your video. This will drive more traffic to your video. This may also result in an increase in engagement.

Engagement plays a big part in YouTube’s rankings. An active community base helps you raise your rank by a lot. So, even if you’ve only managed to increase your views by a few hundred, as long as they keep the comment section busy, you can expect to see an increase in your video’s rank.

10. Have Other People Promote Your Video

What’s better than self-promotion? Promotion from a third party.

A reliable brand promoting your video can get you more views from people. These people may be from outside your target audience or people who haven’t heard of your channel.

They may have otherwise missed your video. However, thanks to the third party promoting your video, you’ve gained more views.

That example should emphasize how much of an impact third-party promotion can have. Often, you should have a good relationship with the third party before they do that. You can start this off by linking to them in your videos.

YouTube has a high enough tolerance to let you put a lot of links in your description. Linking to other websites or blogs will drive traffic to them. Use this to gain their favor. External links help you gain a rank in Google as well.

11. Use Social Media to Spread Your Video

There are still other big social media platforms that follow YouTube. You can use these to spread your video around further.

Sharing a link to your video on Facebook or Twitter can increase the traffic going there. Even it only gains likes or retweets, those are still enough to make it relevant. Relevance is still big when it comes to rankings on YouTube. The more relevance your video gets, YouTube interprets this as good feedback.

12. Build a Subscriber Base

You will need to use all the steps above to gain subscribers. A well-maintained YouTube channel can gain subscribers with ease.

Subscribers are important to your YouTube rank. Without them, there will be fewer people to view every video you put up.

You can gather subscribers in a lot of different ways. The best way, however, is to gain their loyalty through the comment section. People love interactive YouTubers. Getting a reply from the uploader of the video will make them more likely to stay subscribed to them.

Learn How to Rank YouTube Videos Higher Now

With the help of this list, you will be able to learn how to rank YouTube videos with ease. Now, start your own channel and watch your videos rank high!

If you have any question about rankings or SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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