7 Quick Tips To Easily Increase Your Website Traffic Within 2 weeks

7 Quick Tips To Easily Increase Your Website Traffic Within 2 weeks

Traffic is the bane of every website and no website can grow without it. Traffic is what determines if you will have a return on investment or not.

Even with woocommerce mix and match features, you still need that extra something on your website. Some people tend to turn to black hat SEO techniques and are usually caught and penalized.

Instead make good use of these SEO best practices to increase your website traffic and watch the results unfold in due time.

Here’s a list of some SEO basics to help you get started:

Post relevant and unique content regularly

Content remains the backbone of every website. No other tip I give you afterwards will be effective if you decide to skip this one.

Regular posting of blog content for higher google rankings
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Not even promotion can replace content as the king of website traffic. It is the content of your website that your web users come to see.

The quality of your content determines if web users have found what they want. Without adequate and proper content, you will only have “one off” traffic, meaning only paying your site one visit without a plan to return.

Engage web users

Good web content is good, but do you engage your traffic well enough? Even quality will not have the maximum effect when communication is one way.

People want to express themselves, have their say, give their opinion and share their experiences. Giving them the opportunity to do this will make them always visit your website.

Encourage website visitors to leave comments below your blog posts. Google has officially stated that a thriving community within a website is a signal they track to decide how to rank websites.

blog comments ranking factor
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Besides, web users will have multiple sources of information to get their facts from. Furthermore, people tend to take more seriously the views of a neutral third party.

Optimize images properly

Images are very good as they bring a different dimension to the content on your webpage. Words may not always come through for you especially when it comes to description.

The saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, but images also command significant amounts of data. If you upload those images like that, they will cause your websites to lag.

Loading speed is now a ranking factor. If your site loads in more than 3 seconds, Google will rank you lower.

Also, studies have shown that as your page loading speed increases, the likelihood that visitors will just leave your site increases dramatically.

website loading speed
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When you optimize them however, you can upload them and your website will not lag. Image optimization is the process of reducing the storage space it consumes without affecting its quality.

Free small business advertising: share your updates across social media platforms

This is an efficient alternative to paid promotions for your website. Search engines and social media platforms are the top websites that command the most traffic.

Search engine promotion usually come at a price. Social media promotion on the other hand can be priceless.

It’s super easy to share your website posts or new pages on social media. All you have to do is paste a link into the social channel and post it, or share it with a group you’re in.

sharing content marketing post on facebook

You can add a few hashtags and tag people too if you want. Facebook will automatically generate a preview using the featured image on the original blog post.

All you need is to build your account to a certain level where you command significant level of followership.

Also change your post settings to allow people who are not your followers to be able to view your post.

Promote your website through the proper channel

There are tons of digital means to promote your website. It is not about jumping on the one you like and using it to promote your website.

It is more about promoting your website via the right channel. Your website’s niche is the number one determinant of what channel will be best for promoting your website.

It is important that you locate the channel where your clients or prospects are most likely to be or use and promote your website through them.

If you have a local brick-and-mortar business, you should post all new blog content to your Google My Business location.

ceramic pro installation on google my business
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This keeps the content up-to-date and will bring more visibility to your business in general and your website.

Google My Business even allows you to upload videos to your profile! This feature rolled out in early 2019.

Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Permit me to call this a “sub content” tip for getting traffic on your website. One of the best SEO tools to implement in your website is referred to as user experience, or UX.

Basically, your website needs to be simple and easy to use. If people get frustrated trying to find a phone number, watch videos, or whatever, they’re more likely to leave and never come back.

Check out this great infographic from Impactbnd explaining the importance of user experience.

You cannot control what happens outside your website, you can only influence it. However, you have total control over what happens on your website.

Even search engines know this and this is why they place adequate emphasis on both off page and on page optimization

The easiest way to influence what happens outside of your website is by controlling what happens on your website by providing an excellent end user experience.

You can do this by ensuring your webpage loads fast enough, your website navigation is not more than three clicks to get anywhere, and by dishing out quality content.

Promotions, discounts and giveaways never go out of fashion

People love incentives and this will be what will draw them close to you in the first place. Once you are able to get their attention, you can leave the other tips to retain them for you.

free seo score promotion
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That’s why we offer a free SEO score on our blog page. FREE always gets people’s attention!

The goal is not to get the traffic but to retain it. Even an ecommerce store will need the help of woocommerce mix and match products to be able to retain its customers.

Mammoth Web Solutions provides proven methods to increase your website traffic

With the population’s increasing reliance on online tools to accomplish their day to day tasks, it’s more important than ever for businesses to start getting serious about implementing local business SEO strategies on their website. 

Small business SEO tools will help to lead end users to your products and services, increase brand recognition, and, with a robust SEO software, increase traffic, conversion and revenue. 

Hopefully this will help you on your way to increasing your website traffic!

Leave a comment or question below to let us know how this article helped you, and also leave any great traffic ideas we may have missed.

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