Steering Clear of DIY: Why Hiring a Website Designer Is the Way to Go

Steering Clear of DIY: Why Hiring a Website Designer Is the Way to Go

If you think you can’t afford to hire a web designer, think again. The truth is, you can’t afford not to.

Unless you have all the skills, experience and up-to-date knowledge of a web design professional, DIY web design is a very bad idea. Saving money on web design will cost you more in the long run. A poorly made site could even wreck your company!

Read on to discover why hiring a website designer is the only way to go.

They’re Better at it Than You

Let’s face it: you are not a professional web designer. If you were, why would you be reading this?

Don’t get us wrong. We know you’re amazing at what you do. But if what you do isn’t professional web design, then you’re not as qualified to design websites as someone who does it for a living.

We’re confident you could learn how to build a website like a pro. But why would you?

To be as skilled as a web design professional, you’d need years of study and experience. You’d need a deep understanding of coding, graphic design, SEO, UX, and how to track and improve web performance.

You’d also need to keep your knowledge of web design trends and technologies up-to-date. In other words, to make and maintain a website with the same level of quality you’d pay for, you’d have to become a professional web designer.

In short, if you want to build your own website, prepare for one of two things. Either you train for a whole new career or you build yourself an inferior, underperforming website that’s mediocre at best, nonfunctional at worst.

Or, you can make the smart, easy choice and hire a professional. They’ve got the skills to pay the bills.

You Get to Keep Doing What You Do Best

Here’s the other, more positive side of that same coin. Though web designers are better than you at web design, you’re way better than them at running your business.

So, here’s an idea: hire them to do what they’re good at so you can keep doing what you’re good at.

That way, you get the best possible website without sacrificing your other business duties. We know, it’s genius, right?

Think about it this way: you can’t do two jobs at once, and if you try, both your business and your website will suffer.

Any time you spend designing, building, and maintaining your website is time you’re not investing in your business. The better you do at the one job, the worse you’ll do at the other. The logical choice is to do the job you’re good at and outsource the other.

They Have More Experience Designing Websites

Web designers don’t only have the skills to pay the bills. They also have the experience to–ok, there’s no rhyme for that one. The point is, web designers have years of experience you can’t get from a “Learn How to Build a Website” blog.

They’ve seen enough of the design industry to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix what doesn’t. They’ve seen/been involved with enough successes and failures in web design to hone their skills. By now, they have a portfolio full of web design success stories to prove it.

You, on the other hand, do not. Your web design portfolio is empty and your experience points are at 0.

So who do you trust to build your website? The person with years of web design experience or the one who’s never built a website in their life?

They Have Varied Experience

A web designer doesn’t usually limit their site-building services to only one industry. They make websites for all different types of businesses.

They make some for businesses like yours and some for other industries. That means they don’t only know how to make websites, but they know how to make websites tailored to the client’s industry. They know what works best for each specific type of business, including yours.

You’ll Have A Personalized and Unique Website

Knowing what works doesn’t mean that professionals will give you a generic, template website based on your industry. On the contrary, they will have worked for enough clients in your industry to know what makes your company different. Then they will make a custom website for you.

They’ve made hundreds of websites in the past, but they’ll make one for you that no one’s ever had before.

They’ll take your mission statement and translate it into a website that conveys that message to your customers. Then they’ll create a brand new, custom website design that best fits your company.

Your Website Will Stand Out From the Competition

The best part about that last point is that you get a website that set’s you apart from the competition. You know what makes your company stand out from the competition. Your web designer will know how to convey that to your public through your website.

Anyone could build a generic website, but a professional builds one with your unique goals, values, and target audience in mind.

DIY Website Equals Generic Website

You’re not a generic company, but if you have a generic website, you might as well be.

Your website connects you to the whole world and tells them who you are. A generic, mediocre website tells them you’re a generic, mediocre company. You can’t expect your company to shine using the same free website template a thousand other companies have used. If you think you can win them over with content alone, we have some bad news for you: most people judge your website within 1/20th of a sentence. It takes them the blink of an eye to know whether they like your site or not.

But a tailored website proclaims your unique message to the world. Your only hope of website success is a custom-built website.

Web Designers Have Up-To-Date Knowledge/Skills

Web design trends and technologies are always changing. You don’t have time to keep up with things like that. You have better things to do, like your job.

Web designers don’t have better things to do because staying up-to-date on web design knowledge is their job. They know the newest Google algorithms. They know what’s popular in web design today.

They know what people expect from a website. They even know what people are going to expect from a website next year. They’re that good.

Your Website Will Rank Higher in Search Engines

A high-performing website is more than coding and artistry. Without optimizing the website for search engines, no one will see it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques that make your website rank higher in search engine results. It’s one of the most important aspects of designing a website.

To optimize your website, you must know what search engines are looking for. Since this changes often, it takes up-to-date knowledge and practice to be effective at SEO.

As stated above, part of a web designer’s job is staying ahead of these trends. They have the SEO experience to build you a high-ranking, high-performance website.

Your Website Will Be More User-Friendly

Another important web design aspect is UX. UX Stands for user experience.

Let’s say your website is perfectly optimized for search engines and it brings tons of traffic to your website. What if your website is ugly, glitchy, unorganized, or hard to navigate? All your traffic will bounce right back out.

Professional designers know how to make a website user-friendly and have lots of experience doing it.

Your Website Will Achieve Company Goals Efficiently

The point of your website is the same as the point of your company. Whether it’s making sales, spreading brand awareness, or building business relationships, your website is there to help you meet these goals.

Because of the above web design skills, professional designers give you the highest-performing site money can buy. That means more site traffic, lower bounce rate, and better conversions. Whatever goals your company is trying to achieve, your professionally-built website helps you achieve them.

Your Web Designer Can Help You Achieve Goals You Never Even Though of

Additionally, the designer’s experience in your industry and outside perspective can help you expand your company in ways you never thought of!

Remember, they know more about websites than you. They know what important goals a website should achieve. It’s likely they know some common features of most websites in your industry that you may have overlooked.

Plus, as a third party contractor, they provide you with an outside perspective. Combined, this perspective and their experience will help you see important goals you didn’t even know you were missing! The resulting website will help you achieve these new goals as well as your current ones.

DIY Costs You More in the Long Run

You’ve now read plenty of the exclusive and important benefits a professional web designer adds to your website. After all that, do you still think you can afford not to hire one?

Sure, building your own website is free while hiring a professional designer costs money. But think about all you’ll lose if you don’t pony up the dough.

First, you’ll have to sacrifice your own time to study, design, build and maintain your own website. That means your other business duties, like chasing leads and making sales, take a hit. That’s money lost right there.

And even then, you’d end up with a website that far underperforms the one you’d get from a professional. That means less traffic, fewer sales, fewer conversions, etc. Any goals you were hoping your website would help with won’t happen.

Your Website is an Investment

The problem is, many business owners think of hiring a web designer as an added expense. But it’s not an expense; it’s an investment. And the returns you get from your professionally-designed website are well worth the cost of this investment.

Your company will perform better without you distracting yourself with web design, and your website will boost this performance even further. A high-quality website is one investment you can’t afford to skimp on.

Your Website Will Be More Secure

Now, let’s talk about the scary stuff. Have you ever worried about cyber attacks, viruses, information leaks, data loss, and the like?

We bet you’re worried about them now. We also bet you don’t exactly know how to prevent these things when it comes to website design.

These are issues you don’t you want to deal with. In fact, any one of them could take your company out of the picture for good.

Fortunately, website security is another one of those things web designers stay on top of. To say DIY website design isn’t worth the risk is an understatement.

You Can Count on Your Web Designer For Support

Here’s the most important part of all this: everything can change in a week.

Imagine you have the perfect website. It’s optimized, it’s secure, it has everything we mentioned above.

Now, fast forward to next Tuesday. There’s a new Google algorithm, a new Firefox update, and a new service you provide that you need to add to your website.

See where this is going? As your company and technology changes, your website must also.

If you don’t keep your website updated for these changes it goes to pot. If you yourself try to keep up with these changes, you neglect your company and we’re back to square one.

A competent web designer doesn’t only build you the best website. They keep it the best.

Remember to think of your website as an investment. If you stop investing in it, it becomes worthless. Since you don’t have the time to invest, invest in a web designer.

Hiring a Website Designer is a Must

Unless you plan on switching careers to become a web designer yourself, it’s not worth it to design your own website. Your company needs you right where you are.

You can’t afford to invest half your focus on a website that’s not going to do well anyway. What kind of investment strategy is that?

Hiring a website designer ensures your company runs as well as it ever has. And it adds to it even more success with a high-quality website handmade to meet your needs.

Make the smart investment. Hire a web designer now.

Thirsty for more web design tips? Read 15 Essential Website Design Elements You Must Know. If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, contact us today!

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