SEO Case Studies

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North Valley Women's Care Local SEO Campaign

We provided a custom SEO web design for Dr. Austin from the ground up.

See the web design here.

Within 2 weeks of launching the site, Dr. Austin’s office was getting organic traffic from new patients who called to schedule appointments immediately.

Within 2 months of site launch, organic traffic was the main source of website visitors!

Heritage Roofing Local SEO Campaign

Heritage Roofing wanted more consistent phone calls for roofing repairs and replacement during our dry springtime before the monsoons started. We started their local SEO campaign in March.

The owner, Steve Lynch, said the phones started ringing much more regularly within 1 month of starting our campaign.

Within 3 months, their traffic dramatically increased X 10, with local website traffic consistently above 200 visitors per month.

Heritage Roofing now ranks on the top 100 for over 500 keywords.

For the first time, Heritage Roofing ranks on the first page for 30 keywords, and in the top 3 results for over 20 keywords!

This is all within the first 5 months of our local SEO campaign.

Northern Arizona IT Local SEO Campaign

Theo Soumilas, owner of , wanted steady phone calls specifically for medium-size businesses wanting ongoing IT management.

We focused our campaign on producing content specifically to produce those type of leads.

Overall traffic grew steadily from the start date in March, increasing over 50% within 5 months!

  • Mammoth brought over 16 of Northern Arizona IT’s most valuable keywords into the top 3 results of Google within a few short months!
  • Northern Arizona IT has landed multiple large clients with multiple business locations directly from the SEO campaign.

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