Marketing for Millennials: Local SEO: Have a Great Website

Marketing for Millennials: Local SEO: Have a Great Website

Marketing for Millennials: Local SEO: Have a Great Website

David Sanchez from Mammoth Web Solutions continues a vlog series called “Marketing for Millennials”. In this episode David covers the importance of having a great website and how it affects local SEO ranking.

Hi, this is David from Mammoth Web Solutions. We’re talking about local SEO on our series Marketing for Millennials.

And the first thing you want to talk about is having a great website. You can’t do SEO if you don’t have a great website.

So first of all, you’ve got to have the “wow” factor. So what is the “wow” factor? If you load your website and you don’t say wow, there’s something wrong with it, and you’ve got to get it fixed. Researchers say that within 3 seconds, if people don’t see something that appeals to them, they’re going to leave your website, which we call a bounce.

Next, you’ve got to have high quality site structure. So you want to use a website platform that has a site structure that people can flow through well, that people can see what they want, and get what they want from that, and they’re going to continue using it. You’re going to lead them to buy your product or service.

Ultra-fast loading speed is super important. Google has this obsession with loading speed. Researchers are saying now that if someone clicks on your website and it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, people are 70% more likely to just leave your website and not let it finish loading. Big companies like Walmart – they notice that for every 100 milliseconds (that’s a tenth of a second) that if they decrease their loading speed, their revenue increased by 1% on their online store.

So remember, one of the biggest keys to local SEO is you have to have a great website. If you follow these tips: you’ve got to have the “wow” factor, high quality site structure, and ultra-fast loading speed. If you have all of those in place, you’re on the way to having a good foundation for local SEO, and ranking high on Google.

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