How to Choose a WordPress Theme: 3 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Theme

How to Choose a WordPress Theme: 3 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Theme

Out of the top 10 million websites, WordPress powers 30% of them. And it’s no wonder why. WordPress offers a convenient solution to manage content and to publish it on the web.

In addition to content management, WordPress helps you achieve a beautiful and user-friendly website. This is largely due in part to the myriad of themes available. But the selection can be overwhelming.

Beginning WordPress users often don’t know if they should choose a free theme or a paid theme and can’t effectively filter through their options.

With all of the options, which theme do you choose? If you want to know how to choose a WordPress theme, ask these 3 questions.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme: 3 Questions to Ask First

No two WordPress themes are created equal. Before selecting a theme, ask yourself these 3 questions to ensure you picked the best theme for your website.

1. Is It Responsive?

57% of online U.S. traffic comes from a mobile device or a tablet.

Do you know if your web design looks attractive on all devices? The easiest way to determine this is by using a responsive design. A responsive design looks and performs efficiently on all devices.

Fortunately, many WordPress themes are responsive. If you found a theme you like, test it out on mobile and tablet view before downloading it.

2. Is It Minimalist?

When it comes to web design, less is more. Your audience doesn’t strive to be captivated by graphics and animations. They want a good user experience, simplifying the website to make interaction more convenient.

The best way to achieve this is with minimalist design.

No matter what industry you’re in, minimalism works. The best minimalist design offers an attractive website but a simple layout and straightforward landing page. Avoid aspects such as flashy graphics and too many colors.

3. Which Plugins Does the Theme Support?

A plugin is a software that provides different functions for your WordPress website.

In case you didn’t know, specific themes support different plugins. This is important because your WordPress design has to be optimized for multiple uses.

Some themes support universal plugins. Others only support specific plugins or no plugins at all.

How do you determine if a theme is plugin-friendly? First, take a look at the plugins you have. Search which themes support your plugins.

Do you not have any plugins? Research any plugins that work for your industry.

If you’re looking at a specific theme, find out which plugins they support.

Want to Choose Professional Design Over a Theme?

Are you still unsure how to choose a WordPress theme? Some WordPress website owners still prefer hiring a professional web design to create a minimalist and UX-friendly website.

An added benefit of hiring a designer is your website will be customized to your needs.

How do you go about finding a web designer? You need a designer who can work with WordPress and has a powerful portfolio. Take a look at our web design services. All of our websites are responsive and SEO-driven.

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