4 Benefits of Wordpress for a Business Website

4 Benefits of Wordpress for a Business Website

Did you know over 500 WordPress websites are built daily?

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder why you’re debating about choosing WordPress to power your website.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that conveniently lets you create content, design your website, and is even optimized for several plug-ins that enable other tools for your website.

This means all business and website owners will find many uses from WordPress.

There are many CMS platforms. What makes WordPress different? WordPress has benefits you can’t find with other CMS platforms. Here are the 4 benefits of WordPress you’ll soon experience.

The Benefits of WordPress You Can’t Ignore!

Are you thinking about signing up for WordPress? Here are only a few of the benefits you’ll soon notice.

1. You Can Manage Your Website From Anywhere

In 2018, cloud adoption increased to 96% of business use. This means more businesses store and manage their data on a convenient system they can access from any web browser or device.

WordPress understands this need and delivers an easy way to manage your content and your website. All you need to do is log onto WordPress to edit your site.

2. Easy to Use

WordPress has one of the most convenient interfaces around. Any changes you want to implement — such as adding a new post or downloading a plugin — can be done by accessing the appropriate area on the left sidebar.

In 2018, WordPress implemented the Gutenberg Editor. This is what is known as a “block editor” where you create “blocks” of content and move the blocks around as you want them to appear on your website.

Many content creators find this a convenient editing method, compared to WordPress’ classic editing method.

3. The SEO Benefits

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential if you want more web traffic and better search engine results. Fortunately, Google loves WordPress.

We’ll get more into code in a second. But for now, we’ll mention the code that WordPress uses for your content and design is simple and easy for Google to index.

The WordPress editor features an area to implement SEO information such as keywords and meta-information.

4. No Coding Experience or Knowledge Is Required

These days, learning to code is as valuable as learning a second language. If you’re behind on the times, don’t worry — you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a beautiful and functional WordPress website.

You can create your content as desired, and WordPress will translate it into code.

Do You Need Help Building Your WordPress Website?

If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re doing it wrong. Fortunately, WordPress offers an all-in-one website package that all businesses can take advantage of.

WordPress includes everything from plugins to a convenient editing system.

Now that you know the benefits of WordPress, do you need help creating a WordPress website?

Our firm specializes in many necessary website functions. We can create a design that’s optimized for WordPress. We can assist with SEO and even local SEO for Prescott Valley, Arizona businesses.

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